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The Gillings Global GatewayTM and the North Carolina Institute of Public Health at the Gillings School of Global Public Health present Public Health Behind the Scenes, a new podcast featuring stories about the people who are making a difference in the world.


  • microcephaly_cdc

    Episode 9. The Intersection of Public Health and Zika Virus

    Over the last several months, the Zika virus has become a regular part of media coverage. It seems that everyone you talk to has an opinion, a fear or a question that is not being answered. In this episode, we … Continued

  • a toddling baby

    Episode 8. The Diaper Divide

    In the United States, one in three families struggle to afford diapers. The Diaper Bank of North Carolina was founded on the simple belief that all children deserve clean diapers and through the help of donors, volunteers and connections made … Continued

  • MedOakSPOT

    Episode 7. The Refugee Crisis: Taking Action

    In this episode you’ll hear stories about how people got involved in working with refugee and immigrant groups and the ways in which they are helping. We hope after hearing their stories here you’ll also be inspired to act. If … Continued

  • Zika

    Episode 6. Emerging Issue: Zika Virus

    This is a special episode on the Zika Virus, an emerging issue in public health. Listen in as public health experts around the country discuss efforts underway related to planning and response. If you like what you hear, please subscribe … Continued